Jesswar & Lane-Harry Luxury

Here is a brand new track from Jesswar and Lane-Harry, titled Luxury. The track dropped alongside a little film clip, which you can check out below.



Hudson Mohawke & Lunice production 

i was talking to a guy on the balcony of a nightclub last night who was convinced that you cannot be happy without money. he works a full time job that he absolutely hates doing just so he can pay the bills for his big house that he’s hardly actually inside of. his full time job makes it hard for him to be with his friends or even stay in touch with them. his nice car is basically an object that fills an area of concrete allocated to his name outside of his job. at the end of the day he drives his nice car to his nice house and sleeps alone until he is woken up early by an alarm and then he drives back to work doing something that he hates.

I never want to be that guy. Rich or broke I’m going to do what I fucking love to do & spend time with my wild friends. Fuck sleeping alone. Fuck routines.
That guy is going to look back on his life with money in his pocket but no glory in his mind. At the end of the day, me and him are gonna meet at the finishing line and even if I’m broke as fuck I still have more memories than he ever will, I will have experienced more than he will & i will have people who appreciated me being here.
don’t settle for a lowered bar. do what makes you happy.



A Letter to "Quitting" Rapper Corduroy or If At First You Don’t Succeed, You Probably Won’t Succeed the Second Time, but Don’t Quit


Dear Kadeem aka Corduroy,

I read your letter about quitting rap with empathy and occasional frustration. I, like you, do this rapping stuff, and I’ve been blessed (dare I say #blessed) with more success than many who are worse or better. But like you, I’m just not quite where I want to be. Given…

this morning a fan messaged me and said that this song saved his life. thats never happened before. crazy.


- Dope as Fuck.http://supperrrichkidss.tumblr.com/

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High fused with All Of The Lights


the best Arctic Monkeys cover on the internet


Sedgyfergo by Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell



the biggest mixtape of 2014 is here. with an array of features from Lorde to Tommy Sheehan to Cheqlasoul + production from 808 Mafia, Mr Carmack & Statik Selektah.

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